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Mission: Our mission at Wind Haven Ministry is the simple message that Jesus came to deliver to his disciples, to love one another. Our calling is to spread empathy and compassion in a revolutionary way, awakening the hearts of all humanity.

Our Grand Mission is to build a safe haven and sanctuary for victims of trauma and abuse to recover and transition in a world free from abuse.

Vision: To be a guiding light in the world in order to tear down walls of division and heal suffering.

Values: Self-Awareness. Personal acknowledgement of our gifts and flaws.

Know our self-worth and value as children of God.

Empathy and compassion, love for one another.

Self-empathy and self-care; setting healthy boundaries.

Joy and laughter through fear & chaos by finding humor in every situation.


  1. Spread revolutionary love and empathy by fostering relationships, self-awareness and personal acknowledgement with people through means of tangible help to the hurting and those in need.
  2. Focus our message, teaching, and lessons toward guiding people toward the knowledge of their own value and worth as children of God.
  3. Set an action-based example of empathy, compassion, and love.
  4. Teach people the importance of self-empathy, self-care, and setting healthy boundaries and how it relates to our ability to care for others.
  5. Spread joy, laughter, positive thinking, and humor despite fear, chaos, and negativity in the world.

To Support our Mission & Vision:

Please don’t ignore this message. We and the people who use this non-profit website and our services to prevent, escape, and recover from domestic violence rely on your donations.
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I'm Pastor Sarah Grace, Co-Pastor & found of Wind Haven Ministry, online Bible Study school admin & teacher, Life Coach, author, web developer, curriculum developer, and scholar. I'm originally from Muncie, IN and currently reside in Warner Robins, GA. Child of God. Mom of three. Blessed by the grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God! ' Nerd. Weird. The opposite of normal. Goofy. Compassionate. Survivor. Epilepsy & Fibromyalgia Warrior. Hobbies include: music. singing. reading. photography. yoga. fishing. firearm safety. camping. bowling.

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