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This is a statement of our personal values & beliefs as pastors.

Our Values:

Joy through fear and chaos.

Loving every person regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, disability, past sins, and gender.

Judgement is not our job.

Acknowledging God’s plan for our lives.

Safely removing toxic influences from people’s lives.

Empowerment through acknowledgement of our place in God’s kingdom.

Forgiveness: the steps of forgiveness.

  • Communicating to any person who has hurt you that they have hurt you, and having the courage to ask for the apology.
  • With or without the actual apology, rendering the forgiveness to them.
  • Forgiveness meaning the continual Christ centered love for them.
  • Refusing to let that transgression come up in future arguments.
  • Refusing to use that forgiven action against them as a spiritual weapon and refusing to continue to carry it around with you.
  • Understanding that an apology isn’t always verbal. A verbal apology may be “just words.” The action is most important, so the best apology is changed behavior.
  • By rendering actual forgiveness and Christ centered love, empathy, and compassion we foster that relationship and open it up for the opportunity for changed behavior.

Viewing God in his full glory. Seeing God through the pure lens of the Scriptures and not the clouded view of religion.

Please don’t ignore this message. We and the people who use this non-profit website and our services to prevent, escape, and recover from domestic violence rely on your donations.

Our Personal Beliefs

“God of Abraham” is the one true God and Jesus came to earth to give us space to make mistakes.

Jesus’ ministry on earth set out the blueprints to learn from those mistakes.

God doesn’t hold our failures against us. He will always love and guide us regardless of our mistakes.

The original manuscripts of Scripture is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. There is a long history of a multitude of translations, interpretation methods, and Bible versions created and used to obtain the true meaning of Scripture.

It is important to teach everyone to correctly understand and handle the Word.

Wind Haven is a fully non-denominational and our goal is to follow the example of the church that was recorded in the New Testament. We do not specifically affiliate with any worldly religious system, creed, doctrine, or a specific “formula” of beliefs. We accept that we are all entitled to our own beliefs. God said to love your neighbor, not to show favoritism, and be merciful. Jesus did not come to start a religion – he came to end it. Jesus did not start a religion called “Christianity.” Constantine did.

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