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Wind Haven Life Coaching provides Biblical counseling and coaching services in the following areas:

  • Domestic Abuse Healing & Recovery
  • Develop Safety Plans & Action Plans
  • Transition from Victim to Survivor
  • Develop Self-Care Plans
  • Rebuild Your Life Free From Abuse
  • Education & Career Counseling

If you feel “stuck” in your life and are struggling to move forward, we are here to help guide you forward. Schedule a free initial session below! Follow up sessions are donation based with a minimum donation of $20 (Life Coaching sessions valued at $100). You can schedule a follow up session below on this form if we didn’t schedule a follow up at your last appointment.

If you scheduled a follow up at your last appointment and just need to make your donation for your appointment, CLICK HERE.

Each session is 1 hour. Session intervals are based on how often you desire to meet with us. We offer sessions weekly, biweekly, and monthly. We generally recommend starting out weekly and progressing towards biweekly and monthly sessions until your program is completed, but again will assess this based on your personal need and situation.

Sessions may be done via phone or Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, or Facebook Video Call. We are presently not doing physical face-to-face sessions due to COVID-19. We strive to schedule your sessions around your schedule as best as possible.

Each session will include a summary of the call sent via email, the ability to text us to check in or follow up from the previous session and schedule your next session, and an action plan to move you forward.

Donations from Life Coaching services go into the ministry fund for helping abused persons who need to relocate and transition to a life free of abuse.

Schedule An Appointment

Will this be your first appointment with us?

Preferred Platform

If Making a Regular Follow Up Appointment (NOT an initial appointment) CLICK HERE to make your donation to book your appointment. Donation form will open in a new tab, then you can return here to submit this form.

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