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Every person on the planet attempts to determine another person’s worthiness regarding kindness, compassion, joy, love, faith, and trust. When someone does this, what they are placing a value on someone else’s life. They are making this person question if they are worthy. How much love does a person deserve? How much joy does this person deserve in their life? Can we put our faith in this person’s abilities? Can we trust them with their own decisions? What have they done to earn kindness from us? How much compassion should I offer this person?

In order to answer these question, you should ask yourself how many of these tings you deserve to have in any situation? Shift your perspective, and put yourself in the other person’s situation. If you decided that you deserve more than that person, you are devaluing that person. We are all equal in the eyes of God. Therefore, we are all washed clean and set apart as children of God through the sacrifice of Jesus. We are all worthy.

You Do Not Decided if a Person is Worthy

This mindset is the threshold to abusive, contradictory, and condescending behavior and is not a part of our Christian identity. You can put a value on an apple or a car; but you should never attempt to place a set value on a person. You cannot determine a person worthy or not worthy. It’s, honestly, not your job. The job of placing a value on a human’s life is a monumental task and should be done with care and deliberate consideration. You would have to know every second of a person’s life and know the intent behind their actions, while taking into account their motivations behind any negative or positive behavior.

All of this would have to be done while also living your own life and attempting to be a productive member of society. Anyone who’s willing to scrutinize a person’s life to this degree and not focus on their own lives, is wasting their life and not living the life that God intended for them. In short, “mind your own business” and lean into compassion when you are met with a situation where you are tempted to judge a person’s worthiness. Judgment is God’s work and He doesn’t like to have His toes stepped on when it comes to His children and their wellbeing. 

Where is Your Joy?

Many denominations of Christianity as well as other religions will decide to take on this task and wonder why they have no joy of their own. They will wonder why they are lacking in love and compassion from others. These people will also wonder why no one has any faith or trust in their own abilities to speak the word of God. They will not feel kindness from the world; only feeling kindness from those that feel the same about their privilege of judgment.

They feel all of these things from others because other people know, in their spirit, that these people have no privilege of judgment. God has given only one man that right; He refused and still refuses to wield it. Jesus is that man. Jesus was given this right. Instead, He chose to wash us all clean of paying the price for our own sins in our own strength and capacity. Shy away from the “broken sinner” mindset that, not just Christians, but also other religions fall into as well. 

We are not broken; but we are sinners. Sinning isn’t a damning action. When Jesus died for our sins, what that really did was give us the room to sin. This is an uncomfortable thought; you should lean into that discomfort and acknowledge that emotion when you talk about how you sin, because we all do it. That’s why judgement of others is not our role in the Kingdom of God; we have no room for judgment while we take up that room to sin.

God’s Unequivocal Forgiveness

The next step in acknowledging the feeling of discomfort with your own sins is to know that God, our Father in Heaven, forgives us unequivocally. What is forgiveness in the eyes of God? He loves us unconditionally, forgets the sin, and will do everything in His power to protect us from the natural repercussions of that sin. God lovingly gave us free will; and so what that means, when we talk about “in His power,” is that He will have to give other believers the seed of faith to do His works on Earth for you.

We have to WANT to carry out God’s will. That will being loving one another without the true knowledge of the circumstances of the sin we are helping to wash clean. God uses us like He used Jesus. We are all children of God just like Jesus; yes, even the men. He was not the one and only Son of God. All men, being male children, are definitely labeled “Sons of God.” (Matthew 9:21-22, 6:8, John 20:17)

Back to understanding what sinning truly is, now that we understand our place in the judgment of that sin, which is no role at all. Let’s take the uncomfortable word sin and exchange it for an equal but less uncomfortable word, failure. Still uncomfortable, but we can swallow that word better. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

-Pastor Steph

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