Wind Haven is a God-centered 100% online-based ministry located in Warner Robins, GA. Through our mission & vision, we offer services to aid in Trauma & Abuse Recovery. As Trauma & Abuse survivors, we are empathetically here to guide you to recovery. We are here to assist victims with life coaching, a private support group, recovery, resources, assistance with relocation, and transitioning to a life free of abuse.

We are here to be a light in the darkness.

Pastor Sarah Grace & Past Steph

As pastors here at Wind Haven, we have a great calling from God to fulfill a revolutionary mission and vision that leads to our ultimate goal to end domestic violence and abuse. We started this ministry so that we can help abused people to escape toxic, unhealthy, or abusive environments and seek recovery in order to transition to life outside of abuse. It has grown into an even greater vision from God than we originally understood…

We are Pastors Sarah Grace & Steph, and we desire to love first and heal suffering.

This site was created to provide life coaching, advice, encouragement, support, hotline numbers, and locations of safe places to go in order to escape a toxic, unsafe, and/or abusive environment. Wind Haven Ministry has a great calling from God to fulfill a grand mission and vision to end domestic violence and abuse.

Our Grand Vision

Our vision includes a ranch to house, feed, counsel, and transition abused persons out of a life of abuse and into a self-sustaining life of freedom from abuse. Therefore, our great mission includes the collaboration with and networking together of all DV organizations, shelters and services to unify and work together towards our common goal.

In addition to other DV organizations, we have felt God’s conviction to call upon other churches and ministries to reunite, collaborate and network together as The Church and fulfill God’s instructions for our role as The Church and for our lives as disciples to take care of the needs of the impoverished.

Please don’t ignore this message. We and the people who use this non-profit website and our services to prevent, escape, and recover from domestic violence rely on your donations.

We are a non-profit organization and are supported by contributions from friends and supporters of our ministry, as well as donations from Wind Haven Life Coaching services.

Steph & Sarah Grace

About Pastor Sarah Grace

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