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We are excited that you are interested in becoming an online instructor to teach for our Bible Study School!

When you sign up as an instructor to teach online for Bible Study School for Dummies by Dummies, you can use your knowledge to make an awesome impact on behalf of God on his children.

As an instructor with our school, you will be able to inspire students, join our community, and earn money. There are no fees to become an instructor.

How Does This Work?

Develop Your Course: As an instructor you will build your own course on the bible study topic of your choosing. All courses will be reviewed and published by an admin. Courses will be reviewed based on our Course Quality Checklist. See the minimum course requirements below. All new instructors will take an online training orientation before they can develop courses for publishing.

Setting Course Price: You determine your course tuition rate. The minimum price for any course is $15. As we are a donation based ministry, we assign the course a value based on content and set a minimum donation amount, similar to a choose your price model. See our course pricing guide for recommended pricing based on the level of your course and content.

Earnings: Instructors set their own course tuition rates. 25% of the course tuition goes to the school/ministry donation fund, and the instructor keeps 75% of their earnings.

Earning Withdraws: Instructors must earn a minimum of $25 to make a withdraw request from their earnings. Withdraws can be made with PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Minimum Requirements

The Bible Study School for Dummies by Dummies has minimum and recommended standards for courses on our platform.

Any course developed should follow the general mission, vision, and values of our ministry.

A Complete Course Landing Page Has:

  1. A well-written course title. (An admin will assign a course number during review.)
  2. A well-written course description with the purpose of the course.
  3. A credible and complete instructor bio with profile picture.
  4. A high-quality course image.
  5. A well-written list of included materials.
  6. A well-written lists of required materials.
  7. Clear course goals & objectives and requirements that are easy to understand.

A Complete Course Has:

  1. A Course Introduction & Outline (or Syllabus)
  2. Instructor Contact Information & Course Completion Requirements
  3. Clear explanation of grading process.
  4. List of provided resources & tools.
  5. At least 3 separate topics (lectures).
    1. Each topic should contain at least 1 lesson.
    2. Each topic should contain video content. (Min. HD quality 720p)
    3. Audio that is properly synced to video.
    4. Audio quality that is not distracting to students.
    5. Each topic should contain at least 1 quiz.
  6. Valuable educational/academic content from credible sources. Learn more.


When students pay for a digital product, they tend to expect a certain level of professional material.

HD video is now a universal expectation. Beyond that, students ability to see what’s on screen directly impacts the quality of their learning experience.

Students expect you to know what you are talking about. Written lectures need to include proper formatting, grammar, punctuation, etc. Make sure you clearly enunciate your words when recording video and pause to emphasize important points. Maintain a professional and straightforward speaking style (with very few “filler words” like umm or ahh).

Good Audio Has:

  • No background noises or hums (usually comes from electronics, appliances, environmental noise, and mic setup issues)
  • Little to no echo (usually comes from undampened hard surfaces in your recording space or from recording in too big a space)
  • No distracting “popping” sounds on “p” and “t” sounds (not all voices and mics have this problem, but if you do, a pop filter helps)
  • Adequate base volume that comes out of both headphone buds

Good Video Quality is:

  • In HD, 720p or 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Clear, not blurry, so students can see you and your learning material easily
  • Steady, not shaky
  • Well-framed and zoomed-in appropriately so students can easily follow along with what’s on screen
  • Well-lit and free of distractions in the video frame, so that it looks like you took a few minutes to tidy up and present yourself in a friendly and professional light

Recommended Topics

  • Hermeneutic Method of Interpretation
  • Word Religions
  • Bible History
  • Old Testament History
  • New Testament History
  • Reading the Bible as Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Biblical Principles
  • Hebrew Language
  • Greek Language
  • Foundations of Faith
  • Various Books of the Bible
  • Topical Bible Study, such as…
    • Psychology and the Bible
    • Emotional health topics
    • Renewing your mind
    • False Prophets
    • God’s Promises
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Dating
    • Marriage
    • Spiritual growth
    • Trusting God
    • Forgiveness
    • Loving and helping others
    • Importance of Self-Care
    • Setting Healthy Boundaries
    • and more!

Restricted Topics

  • Sexuality. Sexually explicit content or content with implied sexual activity is not permitted. Content around reproductive health and intimate relationships must be free of explicit or suggestive content.
  • Illegal or Unethical Topics. Content must be in accordance with any applicable national law.
  • Misinformation or Misleading Content. Instruction which is intentionally misleading or that promotes ideas in opposition to the consensus in scientific, medical, or academic communities should not be posted.
  • Extremely sensitive or inappropriate topics or language. We will examine not only the kind of topic under discussion, but also how those topics are presented. When providing instruction on a sensitive subject area, ensure that all associated course materials treat that subject with care. Avoid language and imagery which is inflammatory, offensive or otherwise insensitive.
    • Includes political issues.
  • Discriminatory language or topics. Content or conduct fostering discriminatory attitudes on the basis of a group characteristic such as race, religion, nationality, disability, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated on the platform.
    • Includes content or topics on specific groups of people “who” are going to “Hell.”
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