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“Hermeneutics” is the quest of sound biblical interpretation in order to understand the most important book ever written – the Holy Scriptures. This is an important part of Bible Study.

The Bible is a wonderous account of the history, story, and theology of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that there is a need for skilled biblical interpretation.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

Also mentioned in 2 Tim. 2:15 is the cost of failed biblical interpretation. The costs of failed interpretation or “wandering away from the truth” will not only bring ruin on the false teachers themselves but also those who they taught and influenced. This can lead to a destruction of the faith of some. It is important to understand the Bible for yourself through faithful study, not just hearing the words of your preacher.

This does not mean that we all need to go to seminary and get a degree to study the Bible. The school and courses are being created to help every believer have the basic tools necessary to study and understand the Bible.

Bible Study Objectives

It is important to handle the scriptures with accuracy. The following objectives should followed when studying scripture. They are taught in our first course: “The Basics of Bible Study.”

1. Every document has an author – there was an intended reason for the author to write. The text is not “just there” to interpret any way we choose. We have to seek the meaning the author intended to convey and understand the context of the document.

2. The various books of the bible are written in various writing styles. So, it is important to understand the style and genre of writing of the text (narrative/story, poetry, wisdom, parables, epistles, prophecy, apocalyptic). We to take into account the historical aspects of a given passage and pay attention to the literary aspects such as words, sentences, and discourses of a particular book as we seek to understand the theological message. We must also remember to seek to interpret the “parts” in light on the canonical whole (the entire Bible as it tells the overall story).

3. We are faced with three unavoidable facts in our quest to understand the Bible:

  • The reality of salvation history – the fact that God’s revelation to mankind expressed through the scriptures – took place in a real-life time and space in ancient culture. The texts were authored by people with specific beliefs, convictions, and experiences.
  • The existence of texts that contain God’s revelation and that they require correct interpretation (literature). The original scriptures written in ancient Hebrew & Greek have a long history of translation into other languages including English.
  • The reality of God and his revelation in Scripture (theology.)

Source: Kostenberger, A. Patterson, R. Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology.

Wind Haven Bible School for Dummies by Dummies

We are creating Wind Haven’s Bible school to teach others how to read and understand God’s Word in a simple format.

Each course will break down the objectives into laymen’s terms (I remember when I started my Biblical Hermeneutics class I felt in so over my head and was screaming (inside) “basic English please!” So the goal for our courses is to teach our students how to study the Bible, and we intend to do so in basic English and through the use of multiple formats to meet the learning styles of all students (visual, auditory, and “hands on” learners.)

Basically, God gave us instructions to live a life according to his purpose to be happy, fulfilled, and to flourish. We are going to help you understand his instructions and how they apply to your life.

Our school runs off donations. Each class will have a suggested value, but you can make a minimum donation amount to enroll.

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