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We are developing new premium content here at Wind Haven Ministry!

Wind Haven offers free resources such as Domestic Violence resources for legal aid, shelters, and hotlines; Bible Study resources, Peer-to-Peer Abuse support group, and articles for recognizing abuse, leave-your-abuser bug out bag, encouragement, advice, and ministry.

Our premium content includes:

These premium services are available by making a donation to our ministry. Visit each service for how to donate to each service to access the content!

Wind Haven’s Vision & Focus

Here at Wind Haven we focus our confidence on Jesus and what he has done. We use our confidence in Jesus to follow his example to help people know God by loving them and helping them however we can. Donations to our ministry allow us to tangibly help people in need.

Our focus as a ministry is on the abused. God has shown us that abuse is everywhere and it’s not just domestic or relationship-based. Abuse leads to poverty and homelessness. Thus, we endeavor to love and help the abused, the impoverished, and the homeless to relocate and transition them into a independent and sustainable life free from abuse through knowing God and His love through us and our service.

All donations support our ministry and allow us to tangibly help the impoverished and homeless in our community, and this leads us to Wind Haven Ranch which will be a haven and safe place for the abused to recover and transition into life that God has planned for us.

What would Jesus do? He would love first. Jesus made it simple: Love God and love people. Kindness shouldn’t be revolutionary, it should be ordinary. Life can be found when love can be loud.

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