This is simple! There’s nothing special you need to do… there is no “sinners prayer” in the Bible – Stringing together verses that are out of context to creates a religious hoop to jump through.

We don’t have to do religious hoops! It’s not required, however it is optional.

God your Father is always with you – he always has been. He is already present. Just KNOW you carry His presence with you always and you never need to doubt that He is with you.

Personal revolution begins when we become aware of WHO HE IS AS THAT PRESENCE, and as we learn to live in the faith that he is here with each of us always… Remind yourself: He will never leave, nor forsake me. I am a temple in which he abides. I am a branch in which his life flows. I am the banks through which his river runs. I am the deep well, where salvation splashes. He is always here, with me and in me and he is more amazing than we know! – Dr. Chuck Crisco

If you want to pray a prayer to acknowledge your personal decision to commit your life to knowing God, then pray and tell God that you desire to know Him better and ask Him to guide you. Thank Him for sending Jesus to free us from bondage and to forgive sin. (It is finished.)

Simple. Unconditional. Love.

If you’d like us to pray for you, please send us a prayer request!

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