Wind Haven is here to provide church, ministry, and mission services to the church community, domestic violence victims, and anyone who desires to grow spiritually.

Wind Haven Mission

Family Abuse Recovery & Transition Services

By the time your abuser knows you’re gone, you’ll be just a fart in the wind.

Wind Haven Ministry

Wind Haven Church Services

The Bible Study School for Dummies by Dummies

  • Bible Study Courses
  • Biblical Interpretation Courses
  • Bible History
  • Christian History
  • Topical Bible Study

Christian Life Coaching

  • Domestic Abuse Healing & Recovery
  • Develop Safety Plans & Action Plans
  • Transition from Victim to Survivor
  • Develop Self-Care Plans
  • Rebuild Your Life Free From Abuse
  • Education & Career Counseling

Online.Church Platform for church services.

Wind Haven Ministry

Blog articles for Spiritual Growth, Developing Healthy Dating & Relationship patterns, and home of FARTS News.

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