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The new commandment Jesus gave was simple: love one another. Jesus and his disciples showed love by giving help to the needy. As I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru this morning for some coffees, God led me to a homeless man who was sitting on the curb as I waited in the drive thru. I thought about stopping at two different McDonald’s on the way home, but felt led to keep going and go to the one closer to the house. Then I felt God telling me to help the man. I rolled down my window, explained I was a pastor with Wind Haven Ministry and that God had led me to help him, as I handed him $5. He asked to borrow a lighter and I handed it to him. I told him “may God bless and keep you” and went about my day.

I don’t know his story or what he’ll do with the $5. But then it’s none of my business. God didn’t say to judge the needy, he said to help them. I hear so many people say, “I don’t give money so they can just go buy drugs.” But Christ didn’t help people who needed him in a judgmental way. It didn’t matter their circumstances, he just helped. And only God knows what that blessing did for that man today.

In 1 John chapter 3 verses 17 and 18 tell us that if we are capable of helping someone (due to adequate resources) but we don’t help a brother in need, we are lacking compassion, and how does the true love of God live in us? God’s love and compassion isn’t selective. As believers we should not just love “in theory” with word or tongue, giving lip service to compassion, but we should love in action and in truth.

None of us are perfect, we are all human. I had a lighter in my car because under the stress of the custody & visitation case for my kids, I began smoking again. Does God love me any less? No, he does not. He does not love any one of us any less than the other. God’s Word teaches what it teaches because he loves us. He guides us with his word so that we have the knowledge to avoid being hurt. God doesn’t want His children to hurt.

But today he reminded me that as believers and followers of Christ, we have a duty to love others and to help the needy to spread God’s love and his Word. Today I’d like to encourage you to help others in any capacity you are able. Whether it’s $5 to the homeless on the corner, giving a Bible to someone who needs one, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, or a donation to an organization that you feel led to support, we need to remember to be generous to others, and not to let our personal judgement cloud what God has asked us to do.

As a ministry, that is why we are here. We are here to do God’s work through us, how he guides us. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. He called Steph & I to this ministry, and we strive to listen for his still, small voice to lead us to help the needy however we can even in the early stages of building our ministry.

I hope that you will take every opportunity God gives you to bless someone!

May God Bless and Keep You,

-Sarah Grace

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