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Financial Accountability

Here at Wind Haven, we are committed to our mission as well as fiscal responsibility & transparency. When you support our mission with your donations, you helps us maintain our expenses and continue to do God’s work.

How Your Support & Donations Empower our Mission

  1. Since we don’t have a physical church building, we do everything out of our 3 bedroom townhome, which cuts down on our expenses. Your support through your donations keep us running. This keeps a roof over our head, utilities paid, internet running, and our website running.
  2. Once our expenses are covered, we are able to commit more of our time to our mission and vision. Our current services and resources include:
    • Family Abuse Recovery & Transition Services through Wind Haven Mission such as a private & confidential peer-to-peer support group, help resources for Domestic Violence hotlines, DV shelters, legal aid, etc.; DV resource articles that provide practical information for safety, escape, and recovery; additional DV resource articles for recognizing, understanding, and dealing with abuse.
    • Articles from Wind Haven Ministry for Spiritual Growth, Developing Healthy Dating & Relationship patterns, and FARTS News (humor, satire).
    • Wind Haven Church services such as our online church platform, podcasts, Christian life coaching program, and the Bible Study School for Dummies by Dummies. We spend a lot of time and effort on creating courses & curriculum.
  3. Our ministry strives to support our local church community, specifically the homeless and impoverished. We take a portion of our funds to specifically aid the homeless and impoverished population however God leads us to. Sometimes it is handing $20 to the homeless man on the corner, while other times it’s bigger – like helping that homeless man get a hotel for a shower, clean clothes, a meal, etc. We do as much as we possibly can with what we have.

How Your Generosity Impacts the Future of our Mission

Future goals for our mission, services, and resources include our Grand Vision God has bestowed to us regarding Wind Haven Ranch.

Wind Haven Ranch will be a secure & private safe haven for Domestic Violence recovery and transition back into the world free from abuse.

Wind Haven Ranch will include the following (and more):

  • Cabins for family (mother and children) shelter and dormitories (similar to a small studio apartment) for individual shelter.
  • Access to a lending closet on the grounds for cabin/dorm furnishings, clothes, home necessities (dishes, pots, pans, bedding, towels, etc.), cleaning products, toiletries, etc.
  • Access to a commissary on the grounds for groceries and necessities, as well as a food bank. As survivors come to the Ranch, we will help them with social services such as applying for welfare – while they are waiting for welfare/income, they will have access to the foodbank and lending closet.
  • This will set up similar to the concept of a military base (Pastor Steph is an air force brat and ex-army spouse, which is why you see terms like “commissary” and “lending closet”.)
  • We will provide relocation services with an armed escort (as necessary) to the Ranch from the abused home.
  • The Ranch will also include on-site security as well to keep survivors safe and abusers out.
  • While on the ranch, survivors will go through a recovery program with classes, counseling & coaching, peer to peer support, dealing with abuse and/or addictions (trauma bond/unhealthy relationships as a form of addiction), and life skills training.
  • Education & career counseling, assistance, legal aid, youth resources and therapy center. Survivors will eventually have a job on the site.
  • Recreational services, as well as unique therapeutic services/classes such as an art studio, bible study groups, ministry, animal “therapy,” library, outdoor recreation, fishing pond, gardening, and more.
  • After their program is complete, we will work to transition survivors off the ranch and into their own home with an education & career to support themselves and possibly their children.
  • They will have the option to continue Life Coaching services after transitioning off the ranch to assist in this transition period.

This is where the larger tax-exempt donations will come into play, as well as sponsors and grand applications. Any support we get to reach this Grand Mission will be a wonderful blessing! 

Ways to Support our Church, Ministry, & Mission

There are a few options available to support Wind Haven!

  1. The easiest way that doesn’t cost you anything, if you are an Amazon shopper, is to save our affiliate link and make sure you click on and go through our affiliate link for Amazon purchase, as we will make a small commission.
  2. Sign up for donation-based courses at our Bible Study School.
  3. If you are a tither, opt to tithe to our church.
  4. Donate to our ministry via PayPal.
  5. We have applied for our 501c3 non-profit status. We are seeking partners & sponsors for our mission. To find out more about our partner & sponsorship program, contact us!

Thank you for your generosity! 


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